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Good Call Center

A well-run call center doesn’t happen by accident. Good people need good planning and execution to result in high-performing and revenue-generating call centers. This article will examine and compare between a good and bad call center.

Let’s look first at bad or poorly planned call center characteristics.

  • Create long hold times for customers waiting to get through to the next available agent (and when those customers do reach a call center employee, they’re frequently transferred or put on hold).
  • Deals with customer issues that frequently require multiple contacts before they’re resolved. Breeds harried staff members running from crisis to crisis, putting out fires but not getting ahead.
  • Lacks understanding of metrics or performance.
  • Scores low on customer satisfaction or has no way to measure customer satisfaction at all. Lacks the appetite to improve working conditions to stay competitive and retain employees.
  • Generates complaints by corporate executives and senior management about costs or sales and service results. Some executives may talk about outsourcing the operation. Now, let’s take a look at well-planned call center characteristics.
  • Focuses on its business goals and answers phone calls and e-mails quickly.
  • Has high employee morale.
  • Resolves a high percentage of customer inquiries on the first contact.
  • Measures customer satisfaction as a service indicator and has high customer satisfaction scores.
  • Has an effective process for collecting and presenting data on performance
  • Everyone knows where he or she stands monthly, daily, hourly, and even in real-time.
  • Works efficiently, Employees need to do a little follow-up on the customer file after the customer has hung up.
  • Calls last for a consistent length of time and require a minimum of customer time to achieve resolution.
  • Keeps everyone engaged and busy with a purpose, with no one being overly taxed.
  • Improves processes continually to make gains in service, efficiency, and revenue generation and enables the corporation to see the call center as a strategic advantage – an ally to the rest of the organization

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