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The Impact of Using Omni Channels, in Contemporary Call Centres

In the paced world of business today call centres are embracing a channel approach to better serve customers and improve efficiency. By combining omnichannel communication channels this strategy brings about valuable advantages that reshape the way operations are handled. 1. Enhanced Customer Experience; Offering omnichannel capabilities allows customers to interact with call centers using their […]

Exploring the Advantages of Using XCally in the Call Center Sector of the United Arab Emirates

Exploring the Advantages of Using XCally in the Call Center Sector of the United Arab Emirates. In the call center sector of the UAE, technology plays a role, in improving productivity, customer happiness, and business success. XCally stands out as a contact center software in the region due, to its flexibility and advanced functionalities. Now let’s explore […]

Free Video Meeting & Distance Learning Platform – To Avoid Travel

With the outbreak of this Corona COVID-19 infection disease more workers/staff like to stay at home. This also include students of all age to avoid any contamination at school/college or work place. In such situation, it become very important to stay in touch with your colleagues or educational institute via remote video meetings or distance […]

A Good Call Center Versus A Bad Call Center.

A well-run call center doesn’t happen by accident. Good people need good planning and execution to result in high-performing and revenue-generating call centers. This article will examine and compare between a good and bad call center. Let’s look first at bad or poorly planned call center characteristics.