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XCALLY's Artificial Intelligence solutions

XCALLY integrates the most innovative artificial intelligence technologies to improve the customer experience and the performance of your customer service. Discover the AI capabilities of the XCALLY suite.

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CRM Integrations


CRM Integrations

Virtual assistants with conversational AI

The ability to have a human-machine conversation with natural language is one of the most fascinating aspects of technology in recent years, and one of the most exciting goals in the field of artificial intelligence. XCALLY’s chatbots and voicebots based on Conversational Artificial Intelligence simulate human interactions in a very natural way, offering relevant answers and immediate support 24/7.

Quality of service with Sentiment Analysis

It determines whether the user experience is positive or negative by automatically analysing customer interactions using artificial intelligence. Using tools such as automatic transcription and text analytics, it is possible to determine whether or not the customer is satisfied after a contact. Sentiment analysis makes it possible to identify critical areas for action.

CRM Integrations
CRM Integrations

Predictive data analysis

I Leverage machine learning to identify patterns and make accurate predictions on call volumes, churn and customer satisfaction, optimising your customer service operations.