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Customer service management directly on WhatsApp

Why omni channel is great—and you should too!

To satisfy customers’ ever-higher expectations, it is imperative to provide a seamless experience over chat, phone, email, and social media. Consumers like being able to switch between channels to continue a conversation based on their current requirements and preferences.

Customers can always expect the greatest service when using an omnichannel approach, which also gives them complete discretion over how they want to be served.

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CRM Integrations

Instant messaging

Features provided in XCALLY instant

CRM Integrations

Inbound and outbound interactions

XCALLY Instant allows agents to respond to customer queries received via WhatsApp directly from the XCALLY platform, receive and send documents. Agents can also proactively manage outbound communication campaigns to customers, offering personalised assistance and maintaining a consistent communication flow.

Meta Templates

One of the main functions of the solution is the ability to send outbound campaigns through the use of Meta-approved templates. These standardised templates allow automatic messages to be sent at certain stages of the customer journey, ensuring consistent and timely communication. This is particularly useful for handling support requests, providing information, order confirmation notifications and promotions.

CRM Integrations
CRM Integrations

Workflow optimisation with chatbots

Meta-templates can be created and managed directly from the XCALLY platform, enabling agents to respond quickly and effectively to common requests. Automated chatbots can support agents, improving the overall efficiency of the team and providing a more efficient customer service experience.